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a. -05 Solid Color DOT NXT Half Helmet

I wear a black gloss half and I have really enjoyed it. I ha ..

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new flame
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NexL Sports Helmets

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Special motorcycle helmet orders

You don't have to believe us!, THE 2007 DOT TEST RESULTS PROVE IT BEYOND DOUBT.

NexL Sports Products, LLC certifies NXT helmets to DOT FMVSS 218 at the same independent test facilities NHTSA use. DOT compliance testing of our helmets confirms our ongoing certification.
Read all about it at DOT Certification. DOT has published data of their helmet tests in , 2010 and 2009. We analysed the data to see how well our patented HDPE liner performs, read about it at New Technology.

All NXT Helmets, model -05, -101, -151 and -201 are CERTIFIED to DOT FMVSS 218. NXT DOT helmets are at least 25% lighter and smaller than any other DOT certified helmets. NXT helmets also meet ASTM roll off, edge anvil and kerb anvil tests. EPS DOT helmet liners are at least 1.3" thick, our patented HDPE DOT helmet liners are 1.0" thick, any liner thinner than ours will not meet DOT energy, penetration and retention requirements and will exceed the 300g limit of ASTM, CPSC and Snell helmet standards.

Model Line up.
1/2 NXT DOT Helmet model -05, with or without our mini visor, 700g, 25 oz.
3/4 NXT DOT Helmet model 101, with or without our mini visor, 890g, 32 oz.
3/4 NXT DOT Helmet model 151, with Full Face shield, 1060g, 38 oz.
F F NXT DOT Helmet model 201, the lightest and smallest FULL FACE, 1150g, 39 oz.

NXT helmets are all KEVLAR, CARBON FIBER Reinforced Composite laminations regardless of color or graphics. The carbon fiber finish helmet has a film of cosmetic carbon outside instead of paint or graphics.

For you cruiser enthusiasts, many of our NXT -05 half helmets were used in Star Motorcycles' new Roadliner DVD, you can get your own copy of the DVD at:

Chit chat.
Hang your NXT helmet over the cissy bar?, SECURE IT!, we have seen too many that "flew off" and one that slipped down and jammed between the disc rotor and the frame, the rotor acted like a meat slicer and took off a good inch of helmet before it broke loose. Remember, your helmet is lighter and lifts and flies away quicker.

Steven S in Ft Myers Beach bought a VTX1800 and got insurance quotes for one with $10,000 no helmet PIP, one with a DOT helmet. The difference, $400, so he bought an NXT helmet and saved $250 in the first year, nice!

Thinking of custom paint? Let us know as you place your order. Dan M. bought 1/2 and 3/4 helmets and sent them to Rick Corgan in FL. to paint with his bike. Here are pictures of the 3/4 helmet.

Larry L. sent a 1/2 helmet to Carl Brouhard in Grass Valley, CA. Brouhard to be painted with his bike. We've seen flames before but not like this, this helmet looks like it's on fire.

Motorcycle riders ask for pictures of our helmets on someone. Craig an early Santa Cruz County bike helmet buyer in 2001 came by to visit, he now lives in Texas, here he is in his original helmet, upgraded to -05 and still going strong on weekly rides.

Kiss goodbye to '60s technology, NXT helmets are designed to ISO headforms to be more aerodynamic and form fitting in three shell and six liner sizes, no wads of "comfort padding". The lower weight, smaller size, improved helmet aerodynamics and better fit make for real riding pleasure. No neck and shoulder fatigue, no more bricks bouncing on your head or being choked by a parachuting bucket that wants to fly away. We kid you not, helmets you literally forget you are wearing so you can enjoy your ride. Check the new technology page and the unsolicited reviews and testimonials pages written by some of our many happy motorcycling customers.

Only NXT Helmets use our dual lamination HDPE foam liner covered by US Patent no. 6,070,271.
No other helmet can use NexL technology, NXT is the lightest and smallest DOT helmet.

Reviews and Testimonials.
To write a helmet review, click on the helmet type you have, click the review button and write a review. If you have a testimonial and cycling pictures to share on our website, please send us photos of you, your helmet and your bike.

Body Protection.
NexL's new line of body protection utilizes a variety of HDPE foams and these products are 60% lighter, and are tougher and more durable than any other product on the market.
We are proud to be a supplier to GilmanGear for their new "thickskin" compression shirt. Check it out at:

Currently, we have a complete line of soccer shin guards, football pads and are in the process of developing pads for many other sports.

The body protection technology is covered by a patent pending application, and we are working with sports professionals from each sport to ensure that our body protection products meet the safety and comfort needs of the athlete.

If you are looking for we have helmets that match these color schemes. Kevlar and Coolmax are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license.

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